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Enjoy your stay

Photography is a pleasure I've come to enjoy over the years. It provides the opportunity to rediscover the joy in probing the world's many corners simply by looking through a view finder.

You are invited to spend time in the galleries reviewing some of the places and events I've been fortunate to explore. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Use the contact link above if you wish. I always enjoy discussing the many aspects of photography with others, so don't be shy.

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The What's New section (updated May '15) provides an opportuninty to see what I'm currently working on, including travel and site location.

Aug '15 - Soccer, soccer, soccer... busy time of the year between NASL and high school.

May '15 - Spring NASL soccer has begun and I'm back shooting the Indy Eleven. Just finished a vacation back on Kaua'i. Mostly R&R time only took a few photos

Apr '15 - Death Valley and the Blood Moon. Spent 5 days with my mentor and friend Steve Kossack traveling the entire 200+ miles of the valley plus a few of the nearby valleys as well. Wonderful trip and a great place to shoot.

Oct '14 - Spent a week in the Smoky Mountains. There was color but somewhat subdued due to preceeding weather conditions. The inaugrual season for the Indy Eleven is ending. It's been a great adventure shooting their games and I'm anxiously waiting season #2.

May '14 - Utah Arches and Canyonlands shoot on line.

April '14 - Have been shooting for Indy Eleven (NASL- North American Soccer League) this spring which for most who know me is a passion. Landsacpe shoot coming up in Utah soon along with a Great Smoky Mtn shoot later this fall with my friend Steve Kossack.

Sep '13 - Canadian Rockies & The Icefields Parkway for a week long photo excursion.

May '13 - On vacation in St. Barth's

Sep '12 - Busy shooting High School Soccer. Check out the action at

Aug '12 - Grand Canyon North Rim for a short week. Had excellent weather and a great place to enjoy the Canyon without the massive crowds that frequent the south rim.

June '12 - Spent 10 days on Kaua'i, just a wondereful vacation. Even got in a few shots. Also attended the Air Show here in Indy.

April '12 - On the docket this year is the Grand Canyon North Rim, Kauai, in-air WWII Warbirds, Indy AirShow, MotoGP and of course soccer...

12/29/11 - Different venue for December. Spent a very relaxing week on St. Barthelemy in the Carribean. Of course I took the camera... see the galleries under landscapes

11/5/11 - Was furtunate enough to spend 5 days on a private shoot with one of the current Great Southwest photographers, Steve Kossack. We photographed around Page, AZ and southern Utah. With Steve's experience, the learning I came away with was invaluable. Having done a number of his workshops, I would highly recommend you consider finding the time to learn from the expert. Check out the latest frames in the galleries under Landscapes.